Elysian Sanctuary Farm

...the garden sanctuary next to Stillpointe

Our purpose is to provide the community with a place of solace, reflection and serenity, to share the beauty and therapeutic value of nature, and to educate people about traditional herbalism, sustainable farming practices, and health-minded philosophies.

The intention of Elysian Sanctuary Farm is to lend support to people through their health journeys. By creating beautiful garden areas with native, ornamental, and medicinal plants, the sanctuary is designed to inspire calm, comfort, and encouragement to individuals, groups, and the community. The farm will be vibrant and spacious, containing secluded areas for mindfulness and meditation, conservation areas for exploration, and is intermingled with flowers and an edible landscape for patrons. A market and herb garden associated with the sanctuary will provide healthy edibles and educational opportunities. Part of these educational opportunities is to teach and emphasizes a wholistic farm-to-table and farm-to-product philosophy.

The vision of Elysian Sanctuary Farm is to cultivate a garden sanctuary with the premise of embracing mind, body, emotional, and spiritual wellness through nature and connection. The tangible mission is to convert prior farm land into a thriving garden sanctuary and integrate educational and retreat opportunities for the community. Integrating herbalism is a major component of the mission as the herbs grown on the farm are harvested and used in the herbal products handmade at the farm; we will provide educational resources and workshops to discuss and teach this process.

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