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As a New Age therapy, Angel Therapy’s objective is to assist one in working with his or her angels to heal and harmonize their lives. It is built upon the concept that interacting with angels is beneficial to healing one’s self. The process will typically require a therapists’ help to contact and guide the client through the practice. You may be asking yourself, If angels are here to help, why would a therapy be necessary? The answer is that angels cannot hinder our free-will except for life-threatening circumstances. That makes it our responsibility to ask the appropriate angel for their cooperation and support. The messages that you receive from a more heavenly perspective can change your life by bringing clarity and insight into any situation or circumstances. They can guide you to find your own path and therefore make better, more appropriate decisions about life’s choices. The guidance you receive is always of a benevolent, positive nature. They are never negative, or fear based in nature. The angels are always there to help and guide you in all aspects of your life, including health, career, romance, finances or any other question you may have for your life.