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Massage is Good Medicine
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In the 80’s AT&T asked us to ‘Reach out and touch someone.’ They were of course referring to connecting with each other technologically, no matter how far away we are. In my opinion though noting can substitute for a touch. We, as humans, are instinctually social and research has proven that we have the tactile sense for the reason to be touched. It helps us to thrive. Therefore massage really is a good medicine!

At Stillpointe Wellness Center, you will find ten of the best massage therapists in the area. Besides being trained at top-notch massage schools, each therapist has specialties that they excel in. Why would Stillpointe have 10 successful therapists? Not only do we realize the important contribution to our overall health and well-being from receiving a massage; so does our community. You are asking for the services. That is exciting to me because healthy clients contribute to a healthy community.

Evidence found through research shows that massage therapy is effective for a variety of health conditions. Massage is rapidly becoming recognized as an important contributor of wellness and is beginning to be covered by some insurance plans. Massage therapy; provided by professional therapists is being increasingly viewed by physicians and their patients, as an important component of integrated care.

Here are some of the benefits of massage that I have found in my research, and personal evaluation of my clients.

Massage Therapy is shown to:
  • Improve mood and elevate energy levels
  • Support pain management
  • Support Mental Health
  • Ease muscle aches
  • Ease pain and improve recovery time for people suffering from burn scars
  • Enhance relaxation and reduce anxiety
  • Improve cardiovascular health; a multitude of recent research shows direct correlation between massage therapy and cardiovascular well-being
  • Help lower blood pressure and relieve stress related illnesses
  • Encourage better quality of life in older adults
  • Reduce agitation behavior
  • Boost immune system

Recent studies at the Mayo Clinic confirms that massage therapy can reduce stress, nausea, depression, distress, anxiety and fatigue, while improving health related quality of life for cancer patients. Providing nurturing massage resulted in short term quality of life for patients near end of life, with secondary benefits of pain reduction and improved sleep. Over the 20 yrs. of practice, I have seen massage therapy supply immense physical and psychological relief for clients of all ages and circumstances. It has helped babies suffering from colic to children with autism learning to trust and quiet down. For return veterans in need of quieting their frazzled nerves, and those violated by physical assault, massage is so nurturing. The power of TOUCH to express caring and nurturance goes a long way and is much needed in this techno-driven world.
SO, consider a gift of massage for yourself and for those you care about. It is not just a feel-good luxury! Visit our beautiful center. Experience how wonderful it feels to be cared for by very competent, loving therapists. It will feed your body and soul! It is good medicine!

Stillpointe Wellness Center: 2135 Dorothy Drive Belleville, IL 62223 (618) 407-3807
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