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SOUND is the next frontier in holistic healing. If we recognize that our own biological healing systems are influenced by energy fields, we can begin to understand why sound and vibration are important new tools for healing.”From: “The Healing Power of Sound” by Mitchell Gaynor, M.D. “Everyone has a vibration that is a signature of their health and wellbeing. Similar to a musical instrument that can fall out of tune through use, our bodies can also fall out of vibrational harmony and potentially develop illness. Stress and negativity create blockages of a healthy flow of energy, showing up in the energy field around our body as lower energy disturbances atfirst, and later as illness in our physical body. Sound and vibration can be used to re­tune us to health. When there is a deep relaxation through soothing resonant sound, the body is affected on a cellular level, opening up the flow of energy to move us back toward vibrational alignmentwith health.”From: “How to Heal with Singing Bowls” by Suren Shrestha, Nepalese Master Sound HealerMARK BIEHL, Certified Sound Therapy Coach and Licensed Spiritual Health Coach, offers both private and group sound healing sessions at Stillpointe Wellness Center, with Tibetan singing bowls, Solfeggio tuning forks, and other vibrational sound instruments. Benefits include: Stress reduction, pain management, deep relaxation, increased blood flow, enhanced immune response, increased physical energy and mental concentration, and balancing of mind, body and spirit. For more information, contact Mark at: (618) 257­0803 or email: info@acuitysoundworks.com