Field of Expertise

 Jan Rule, LMT
(618) 531-8814

  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Reiki
  • Pranic
  • Swedish Relaxation
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Certified Elementary Teacher

 Natalie Shields, LMT
 (618) 222-9500

  •  Licensed Massage Therapist 
  •  Pranic Healing

 Kim Fantini, LMT
 (618) 222-9500

  •  Licensed Massage Therapist 
  •  Pranic Healing
 Mel Snow                                                  
(618) 406-8417

  •  Licensed Esthetician

Belinda Sigstad

(661) 860-1473

  • Usui Reiki Master/Teacher 
  • Herbalist
  • Pranic Healing
  • Crystal Healing
  • Crystal Singing Bowl Therapy
  • Intuitive Artist and Art Teacher

 Linda Spadling
(314) 566-0350

  • Thermographer


Jan has been massaging family and friends since she was twelve years old. In 1994, she received her massage certification from the Healing Arts Center, Clayton, MO, and is a licensed massage therapist in the State of Illinois. 

Jan’s approach to therapeutic massage combines professionalism with a love and sincere concern for the well-being of her clients. 

Jan received her Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Louis University and training in Rehabilitation Therapy from Brigham Young University. She was the activity-nutrition director for Desert Palm Wellness Institute in St. George, UT. 
She is the mother of five wonderful children and two glorious grandchildren, and is the founder and director of Stillpointe Wellness Center, Belleville, IL

Kim Fantini (Instructor) and Natalie Shields (Teaching Assistant) are Senior Certified Pranic Healers with 10 years experience using Pranic Healing in their massage therapy practices. They received their training under the tutelage of Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui (Founder of and Author of Pranic Healing) and Master Stephen Co of the United States Pranic Healing Center. Kim and Natalie are both licensed Physical Therapist Assistants and Licensed Massage Therapists in Illinois. They are joyfully dedicated to spreading Pranic Healing as their service to humanity. 

Mel Snow has been a licensed esthetician in Illinois & Missouri since 2008. Her focus is making a positive difference in the well-being of peoples lives through caring personal services. She believes healthy & beautiful skin starts from within. Correct & effective skin care is a vital part of sustaining balance & well being. Mel provides facial & waxing treatments that nourish, soothe, & relax using original applications created for each persons individual needs.

Belinda Sigstad is a certified Usui Reiki Master through Healing Today, which is an organization that emphasizes the accessibility of Reiki, and the importance of attunements being passed through the lineage that can be traced back to Usui himself. She has extensively studied energy work through her personal wellness journey for over 15 years. As both a Reiki Master and Pranic Healer, she offers unique, intuitive energy therapies associated with emotional and spiritual wellness, as well as, assistance through traumatic and/or transitional life stages. She has completed several herbalism courses, and has learned western and Ayurvedic herbalism through registered herbalists associated with the AHG (American Herbalist Guild). She provides consultations and sessions for those interested in holistic wellness associated with herbal medicine and energy work.