Be Still and Know

You are Loved

A Message From Jan Rule

Because I have been given so much, I too wish to give. There is a beautiful place, called Stillpointe, where I reside. It's sacred space, meant to be shared. The peace and serenity felt at Stillpointe is a gift from God; found in nature, found in the quiet.

Spirit speaks the strongest when in a whisper. When we quiet down, put our life on pause even for a few moments and listen, we can be inspired. Prayer is asking. Meditation is being still and listening. You can find many opportunities for that here. When we walk and commune with nature, the trees and flowers and animals tend to remind us that we are but a part of a much bigger play being orchestrated.

Watch the seasons and they will help us to find our faith to trust in divine order. In spring without any help of ours, the trees bud, the grass turns green and flowers can pop through snow. The summer offers us cooling expansive fruits and vegetables to relieve sultry closeness. Fall reminds us that all things do pass away. We settle down and nature and farmers do a housecleaning (harvest). Winter is a sleepy time and we are provided with heavier, dense foods to help keep our bodies warm. There's a kind of hush that settles over the land, yet at times the winds will inform us of a higher power.

One becomes closer to spirit when we get in touch with our own true nature. That true nature is one of gentleness and strength, one of integrity and courage to walk our path even when challenged during turbulent conditions. This will help us develop perhaps a more malleable, flexible, adaptable approach to life. This will nurture a resiliency of the human spirit, supporting a belief in the underlying goodness of all human beings, a belief in the value of compassion and kindness.

Coming out to Stillpointe is an opportunity to take a breath, a fresher breath and slow our pace. The gravel road makes us slow down and the stirred up dust reminds us not to forget the meaning of sacrifice and to consider what each decision we make must mean, in terms of cost. Before we act, speak or eat, be aware of the consequence. Ask, "Will it be of any benefit to you or others?"

Kindness, forgiveness and peace are stronger than hatred and war because they heal. The only way to end conflict is through love
We are offering that at Stillpointe. Come taste and see!

To find us, from Illinois Route #15, follow Frank Scott Parkway south to TownHall Road. Turn right onto TownHall Road, and drive for about two miles to Dorothy Lane, on your left.
Watch for our "Stillpointe" sign. Turn left into the gravel driveway.
We are nestled behind Jan's family-built barn, among fields of gold and green.