When we quiet the mind,

we can begin to listen to our soul.

Meditation is a journey of mindful awareness and spiritual awakening. There are many forms of meditation, and what resonates with some will vary with others; such is the personal path of meditation.

We are all given a human form which defines our existence, but we are not defined by our emotions, responses, or human form. Living is complicated and messy and can often leave us feeling unsettled, overwhelmed, frustrated, insecure, fearful, confused, and even angry at times. Creating space to feel your own heart beat, to listen to your breath, and to still your thoughts, brings us into awareness of our state of being. Meditation is a gift we give ourselves for the benefit of our mind, body, & spirit. Much like prayer, it can create a connection between the physical realm and the essence of self and/or the divine realm.

The benefits of meditation and the influence it has on our nervous system, endocrine system, cognitive function, and physical state of being has been thoroughly researched in recent years. When we are present for our presence, tuning into what our body & mind need to feel nurtured, we are able to tap into tranquility and peace of mind.

Benefits of Meditation Include:

Supports Emotional Wellness

Reduces Stress

Calms Anxiety

Allows Detachment from Fear

Improves Cognitive Function

Increase Self Awareness

Supports Vitality

Connects Us to Our Divinity

Improves Sleep

Reduces Pain

Lowers Blood Pressure

Reduces Inflammation