Based on the principle that the body has the capability to harness personal power for healing, Pranic Healing creates space for physical, emotional, and psychological healing to happen.

The premise of Pranic healing gives awareness to the etheric body. Pranic healing uses various methods such as "sweeping" to cleanse the aura and energetic body where emotional distress, negativity, and illness can potentially reside and influence the physical body. "According to the concept of pranic healing, a person’s spiritual, emotional and physical health can be affected due to an imbalance in the prana or energy. The healing practice focuses on balancing these energies through a proper methodology." (

"We believe every person has the ability to harness the energies of nature and the inner power of the soul to mould their life. We believe that the spiritual laws of nature offer us that opportunity once properly understood and judiciously harnessed. Our journey begins with understanding the infinite source of energy we have access to and to utilize this energy to mould our physical vitality, our emotional state, our mental attitude and eventually our spiritual outlook on life and our purpose in it."

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