Herbalism is a natural, holistic modality that utilizes the knowledge of plants, whose sole intention is to educate individuals in achieving balance and well-being in the mind, body, & spirit. Herbalism carries timeless traditions and spans many cultures with an understanding that plants carry powerful, medicinal value to help support the various systems within the body in times of balance, as well as in times of imbalance and deficiency.

The modern herbalist keenly recognizes the shifts that have happened between the relationship of plants and people over many years, but especially within the last 100 years with the rise of technology, science awareness,  conventional medicine, and pharmaceutical influence. The approach in herbal practices today must be met with understanding and molded to the time period in which we live, while respecting the ancient knowledge past herbalists have so carefully preserved.

“Today herbalism is often perceived as the use of plants to treat symptoms or as a natural alternative to drugs. What few realize is that plants have traditionally been used to not just heal the body but also to assist in deeper levels of healing the mind, heart, and soul.” 

Sajah Popham

Evolutionary Herbalism

Herbalism is for anyone who is willing to have open-mindedness to natural forms of health support and have consideration of how our human well-being is connected with the natural world and plant kingdom. Guidance is available to those who are open to the knowledge of herbs and believe the answers to true health lie within nature itself. Plants are not only our allies, but also can often be our greatest healers and teachers.

The great asset of herbalism is that it is a completely natural approach to wellness that connects us to the Earth, by employing and refining plant intelligence that has been passed down by cultures and generations of healers.

How Can an Herbalist Support your Healing Journey?

1. Provide information concerning herbs and how they can be incorporated into your lifestyle

2. Guide you to alternative, natural solutions for acute, short-term, or seasonal health challenges

3. Assess your personal constitution to determine possible underlying imbalance linked to chronic health challenges

4. Offer assistance to cope with stressors through herbs specifically for endocrine and autonomic nervous system support

5. Give guidance to increase memory, energy, and/or vitality

6. Lend insight into positive, plant-based support to enhance your lifestyle and to help maintain balance within the body

7. Share guidance on herbs that can assist with spiritual wellness

8. Help you find the right plant-based supplements for your body’s constitution

9. Support you toward the path of  functional, independent, and healthy living


Today, living in a high-tech society, many have come to realize that our modern medical system falls short in helping us sustain our personal vitality of well-being. The symptomatic approach of conventional medicine often neglects to heal the deeper issues within our beings; and many times we are left with more questions concerning our health, disappointment of expectations, “uncurable” challenges, undesirable results, or legitmate concerns of the pharmaceuticals administered. This, in one effect, is where herbalism can play an essential role. Its power to bridge the gap between biological reasoning and empowering individuals to tune into their own unique body constitutions lends insight into how we can exist and thrive in a healthy state.

The wise herbalist in today’s society recognizes that conventional medicine has its place in critical care. Herbalism does not replace conventional practice, but can be a strong companion in supporting vitality within the body, mind, & spirit. Furthermore, herbalism can be an essential facilitator that links the health connection between the botanical kingdom and the human being. For centuries, herbs have been documented to be effectively used for acute, chronic, and even underlying conditions of imbalance in the body.

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